Pubg Stuck on Loading Screen and Ping Error Solutions Android

Pubg (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is being played world wide now. So many users is proportional to so many error. I have been playing pubg for about a week now and faced the following problems:

1. The selected server may have higher ping.
2. After Clicking on Start, The game keeps loading and the player’s arena doesn’t come up.
3. Doesn’t seem no planes and the game keep asking for “Enter the match again”.


The Solution for these problems:

1. Try repair option on the starting window of Pubg.
2. Try installing a proxy for the ping or network error or loading errors. It will work like a charm right after you use a proxy, I mean atleast mine it does. VPN Proxies you can use:

a. Windscribe
b. Hola
c. Tunnelbear

the list doesn’t stop here. You can choose which ever VPN you want!

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