How WannaCry became a threat to Global network?

On May 11 2017, WannaCry hit the Global networks. It is one of the fastest spreading ransomware hitting around 99,000 computer systems worldwide in just 3 days of its first arrival. This ransomware was first seen in UK NHS and then spread out to railway stations and then to world encrypting thousands of PCs,Now over


Dos with Slowloris!

In this article, we are looking at how Dos attack works. There are many tools out there for the Dos purpose, which also varies in the type of platform they effect. Like if we talk about Pyloris(http Based), LOIC(TCP,UDP,Http), R-U-DEAD-YET( targets the web server resources) and many others. These tools works just fine. But a


What is DDos Attack?

This topic is little scary! This is the nightmare for Big companies across the World. DDos Attack is an abbreviation for Distributed Denial Of Service Attack, which means it works as DOS attack but in a vast manner. DOS attack which stands for Denial of service is an attack in which a user is unable

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