I put up this site so that I could provide my readers with better understanding of stuff about Hacking. I want people to understand what they are doing and what would be the price they could have to pay if they rely so much on the devices and they don’t keep them safe. I love knowing what I’m doing before I actually put that in action. When I first started this it felt that I got so much to do but where do I start?? So Since I got no one to tell me where do I start …I Started myself with the READING. It’s pretty amazing what books can do! Before putting out yourself in the field,you should have knowledge about what are you dealing with and how you are gonna deal with it. I got some resources here, but these are not all! Some are too big to upload but I’ll keep updating this page.So I got books and stuff here and I am sure you know what you need to do!

Before Diving-in, Get motivated by this article about All time best hackers and their hacks by  Alan Blaney[Focus Training]: http://www.focustraining.co.uk/blog/post/hackers-hall-of-fame


Computer Fundamentals

Hacking Into Computers – Beginners

Hacking With Kali Practical Penetration Testing Guide

Netcat cheat sheet

Offensive Security Penetration Testing With Backtrack

Practical Penetration Testing

Syngress HAcking With Kali

The Basic Of Hacking and Penetration Testing

The HAckers Playbook: Practical Guide to Penetration testing

The Web Application Hackers Handbook: Finding and Exploiting

Untangling the Web: NSA Guide

Hacking Tools:

  • Github
  • Vulnhub
  • Source Forge

Hacking Playgrounds Websites:

  • Enigmagroup.org
  • hackthissite.org
  • hackthis.co.uk
  • exploit-exercises.com
  • dareyourmind.net





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