Program to Find Fibonacci Series using Shell Script

This is the bash code for Fibonacci Series upto a number n which will be inserted by user. Code: clear echo “Program to Find Fibonacci Series” echo “How many number of terms to be generated ?” read n x=0 y=1 i=2 echo “Fibonacci Series up to $n terms :” echo […]

Shell Scripting for Hackers

Shell scripting is one of the very powerful language. There are many different kinds of shell scripting environment providing different features like Ksh, bash etc. In this article, we will be learning how to create scripts as a pen-tester / hacker/security researcher view. How scripting a little script can save […]

Program to Calculate Combination [nCr] in Bash: Shell Scripting

The following shell scripting program is written in bash to calculate combination formula which is n! /(n-r)!r!. Code: #!/bin/bash clear echo “Program to find Combination in Probability” function fact { mul=1 i=$1 while [[ $i -gt 1 ]] do sub=`expr $i – 1` mul=`expr $mul \* $i` i=$sub done echo […]

Shell Scripting Program to check if a Number is Palindrome

Palindrome Numbers are the numbers whose reverse will also give you the same number. For Example, 567 is not a palindrome number because the reverse of 567 is 765 which is not same as the number, whereas 8778 is a palindrome which on reverse will also give the same number. […]

Bash Program to check if a number is Armstrong:Shell Scripting

Shell scripting is a command line scripting language used by Unix- Like environment. The below program is a Bash program to check if a number is Armstrong or not. Whats is Armstrong number? An Armstrong number of three digits is an integer such that the sum of the cubes of […]