SQL INJECTION PART 4:Getting admin password

SQL injection is one of the most dangerous attack on websites. Many manually created dynamic website do not have input filtration and thus leveraging themselves to this attack. This article will guide you on how to perform SQL Injection to get the admin password in a modsecurity environment in which […]

BOB Walkthrough: Vulnhub CTF Challenge

This article is a walkthrough on how I solved Bob CTF challenge. You can download Bob CTF via this link:¬†https://www.vulnhub.com/entry/bob-101,226/. It is a Beginner to intermediate challenge and at the end we have to gain the root access and get the flag. So let’s do this: To find the vulnerable […]

SMTP – Extracting Emails

In my article about What is SMTP?, We took a look on what exactly SMTP works for! In SMTP – Extracting Emails, I will be providing a tutorial on Extracting Emails from the SMTP server. There are several programs and scripts that are available for Gathering emails from a website. […]

The Art Of Getting Everything!

It’s intriguing isn’t it? You can get any resource over the internet! I am writing this article because there is this thing I want to share with you people, i.e., You can get anything over the web and with anything I meant EVERYTHING. Now you might be saying is that […]

Sniffing And Spoofing

In this article I want to give you a sneak peak about what actually sniffing and spoofing means and then we will move on to how to do it in order to gain access to a remote computer. So here the first term which is sniffing. Sniffing: Sniffing as a […]

Network Mapping

Network Mapping is the technique through which you map the architecture of a network. It works simply that means after getting information from Whois database and Domain Name system, Its time when you know the ranges of IP addresses and confirming the “Live” targets. We find live targets with the […]

DNS Reconnaissance

DNS Reconnaissance is one of the basic steps and most important part of hacking. DNS stands for Domain Name Server, it keeps tracks of the record of IP addresses, services and resources connected to the Internet. Now as we know that computer works on binary numbers…So they would not actually […]