Program to Reverse a number in C language

The following program will show how you can reverse a particular number in C language. The code has been written and compiled in Dev C++. code: #include void main(){ int n,a,r=0; printf(“Enter any number: “); scanf(“%d”,&n); while(n>=1) { a=n%10; r=r*10+a; […]

Program to Calculate Simple Interest in C language

This is the C program to calculate Simple Interest. We calculate simple interest to calculate interest charge on the loan. The following C program has been written and compiled on Dev C++. Code: #include<stdio.h> void main(){ int t; float p,r,si; […]

Finding Area and Circumference of Circle in C Language

C program for calculating Area and Circumference of the Circle in C language. In this program, we are taking the input for the Radius. The value for pi, area and ci [circumference] is float. So I have defined it with […]

Program to Find Fibonacci Series using Shell Script

This is the bash code for Fibonacci Series upto a number n which will be inserted by user. Code: clear echo “Program to Find Fibonacci Series” echo “How many number of terms to be generated ?” read n x=0 y=1 […]

Shell Scripting for Hackers

Shell scripting is one of the very powerful language. There are many different kinds of shell scripting environment providing different features like Ksh, bash etc. In this article, we will be learning how to create scripts as a pen-tester / […]

Hacker’s Cinema: Movies to watch for Hackers

Movies motivates us into becoming a certain personality. It’s just “We are, what we watch! “. If you are a curious person and knowledge driven then you might have already watched some of these movies, episodes and documentaries that are listed […]

Metasploit: Building Database

Metasploit allows us to build a database to store our target information so that we can keep track of different target in a single workspace. This workspace can contain all the command results that you ran on the target. Databases […]

Metasploit: The Basics

Metasploit was made by H.D Moore back in 2003. It is a framework which was made to bring all the features together so as to make it easier for a professional to access everything with a single command. It contains […]

C Program to Compare two Strings

This C program compares two string and tell if they are equal or not. We are taking two strings here str and str1. It is an array with 30 indexes. There are two int variables i and j which will […]

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