Pubg Stuck on Loading Screen and Ping Error Solutions Android

Pubg (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is being played world wide now. So many users is proportional to so many error. I have been playing pubg for about a week now and faced the following problems: 1. The selected server may have higher ping. 2. After Clicking on Start, The game keeps loading and the player’s arena doesn’t come

HackTheBox Node:1 Vulnhub CTF Walkthrough

Node CTF is available at:,252/ This Vulnerable machine Node is based on the new technologies and how we can hack into them. It uses Node Express server Json and hadoop. There are many ways to hack into the machine, here is my way. Let’s dive in the machine: If you are having problem with setting

SQL Injection on Base64 Encoded String Parameters

This article is a guide to perform SQL Injection on the Base64 encoded Url parameters. These parameters are encoded so as to make the site injection proof but that is a big myth. Recently I came across “″ this kind of URLs. The pid here, “VkRGRk9WQlJQVDA9“. It is nothing but 4 times encoded base64 string,


Overthewire Natas 25 Level is based on strcmp() function vulnerability. Generally, strcmp() is used to compare two strings together, We need to generate some kind of error here so we can obtain the password for the next level. The code for the level is here: So, I tried a lot of ways to generate error

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