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Mystery “FruitFly” Malware Infected Macs For Years, No One Noticed It Until 2017

Fossbytes - 3 months ago
Fast forward a few months, another malware with similarities to FruitFly was detected by ex-NSA hacker Patrick Wardle who is now a security researcher at Synack. Known as FruitFly 2, it's assumed...

The Good and the Terrifying Things at Black Hat 2016

PC Magazine - 1 years ago
But we also saw lots of reason to hope, like teaching machines to spot dangerous servers, using Dungeons and Dragons to train employees on handling security threats, and how Apple handles the...

LinkedIn mass hack reveals ... yup, you're all still crap at passwords

The Register - 1 years ago
Analysis of passwords from the LinkedIn leak has revealed, should there be any doubt, that users remain terrible at choosing secure login credentials. Last week a black hat hacker using the nickname...

The Best Encryption Software of 2017

PC Magazine - 1 years ago
(The S stands for secure) The Electronic Frontier Foundation aims to protect web traffic by encrypting the entire internet using HTTPS. If you encrypt all of the sensitive documents on your desktop...

Here's why Vault 7 is terrifying

ReadMe Sri Lanka - 7 months ago
This is because the Vault 7 documents have revealed the majority of the CIA's hacking arsenal. ... Additionally, none of our phones are secure either. ... The CIA's Network Devices branch has...

Meet Moxie Marlinspike, the Anarchist Bringing Encryption to All of Us

WIRED - 1 years ago
Browsing the computer section of a local bookstore, the preteen Marlinspike found a copy of 2600 magazine, the catechism of the '90s hacker scene. After his mother bought a cheap desktop computer...

Audiophile torrent site What.CD fully pwnable thanks to wrecked RNG

The Register - 1 years ago
A Wellington-New-Zelaand-based independent security researcher known as ss23 (@ss2342) says the site is using the mt_rand insecure random number generator in its otherwise secure and well-crafted...

Black Hat

Hackaday - 4 yearss ago
In 2011, a group of hackers known as Lulzsec went on a two month rampage hacking into dozens of websites including those owned by FOX, PBS, the FBI, Sony and many others. The group was eventually...

Was this computer nerd killed after discovering how to murder anyone with a pacemaker?

Daily Mail - 4 yearss ago
But the outrageous storyline was thought credible by many in the world of computer security. Among those was the New Zealand-born computer hacker Barnaby Jack. The 35-year-old — who, unlike many in...

Cell phone eavesdropping enters script-kiddie phase

Register - 7 yearss ago
Black Hat Independent researchers have made good on a promise to release a comprehensive set of tools needed to eavesdrop on cell phone calls that use the world's most widely deployed mobile...

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