How to hide a folder and file in windows

This article will guide on how to hide your folder in windows. I am writing this article because a lot of people don’t know the customization tools that we have on windows. Windows provide us with a lot of features. When you share your PC with your siblings, family members etc., It is really hard to have your own private space. Hiding the pornography is the biggest problem of all! But here’s a way you can try so nobody will click on your folder because it will obfuscated in such a way, that it would look like an important Computer file.

I will not teach you how to hide a folder literally, because that makes it so obvious that there must be something fishy.

Let’s get started on how to do it!

1. Hide a folder

Select a folder to hide. In my case, It is “Folder to hide”.

Right click on the folder and select “Properties“.

hide a folder in windows

In the General tab, you can change the name of the folder to something like a.class,, l.dll etc. 

hide a folder in windows

In the Customize Tab, Select Change Icon and select an icon which you think nobody will click. In this case I have selected the SHELL32.dll icon. It looks like a plain page. This way the file will look like a piece of code or a system file and nobody wants to touch system files!

hide a folder in windowsBelow is the final folder. Looks nothing like a folder.

hide a folder in windows

You can double click it and access it. It will open as a folder.

2. How to hide a video

The same process above. Change the extension of video from .mp4,.web4,.mkv,.avi to something like .java,.py,.sh etc.

This is my movie file.

how to hide a video in windows

Right Click and go to the properties

how to hide a video in windows

That is extension that we have to change.
how to hide a video in windows


how to hide a video in windows

Change the name to something like or anything and the video is hidden.

how to hide a video in windows

The properties way is a long way. You can rename the file by single click on file, pressing “F2” and change the extension and the filename easily in one go. but I have to give you both ways.



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