How to become a Hacker?

Hacker is a person who can gain unauthorized access to  a device. Many people have this question in their mind, “How to become one?”. Before I give answer to this question, I would like to explain the concept of everything related to hacking.

Hacking is a vast field, it consist of topics not just limited to computers but it goes beyond that. There are Mobile hackers, Website hackers, windows hackers, network hackers and the list goes on. The very impression the people get while they are starting out on becoming a hacker is that they think they would read about computers and become a hacker. Many websites I have seen tells you about what you have to read or know to become a hacker. For a certain perspective these people can be right. But a true hacker is good at one thing and not all the others but he/she knows about everything because he/she reads everything.

If you look closely at the lives of hackers who made it to lime light, you will see all of them were good at a particular thing more than the other. There is a specialty in every hacker and it is what makes them stand out of the crowd. Knowing about everything is good but be the best at one thing is greatest of all.

Now, To answer the question of this post. There are several ways through which you can start of:

  1. Choose the one platform which fascinates you more at that particular moment.

People think they can read everything at once. But that’s a No-Go! We have to understand the fact that our minds are evolving and so are our feelings at different moments so if at one particular moment you feel like you want to be a website hacker then learn about it. Now there are different ways of doing it. Website hacking goes beyond too. It consists of SQL Injections [which have its sub parts], XSS [have its sub parts], etc.. Read about it and try to practice it.

  1. Practically try something if you have learned it. Experience helps you open your eyes and also helps you to make better judgments later.
  2. Feed yourself with curiosity every day. We all need something that drives us every day. Curiosity is the first step to get something done. It will help you learn stuff and help you pick right books.

Read the book of your choice at this particular moment. Search about the topic you are interested to read. You don’t have to know about everything, you just have to know about something to be the best at that one thing which will raise your game and eventually you will know about everything. Keep patience in learning. Always remember what comes fast, goes fast.

At first you won’t be able to understand what to read so just choose any topic you are interested in that moment and keep trying it so it won’t bore you and even when you start out without any help you won’t be able to understand everything you read, but keep patience and keep trying it.



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