Hacking with Python Series: Python libraries for SSH

SSH stands for secure shell, one of the vastly used and exploited protocol. If not configured correctly, anyone can have entire access of your system with it. Many Worms have exploited the network using SSH.It works on the port 22. In this Hacking with python series, I will give you […]

Hacking with Python series: Open user and password files to read

This article will help you to code the part where you need to open the user and pass file in python. One of the part where you will use this code is while brute forcing a certain port. Before looking at the code, I am providing the explanation about how […]

Hacking With python: Information Gathering 1

In hacking with python series, this is the first script for information gathering. A Simple python script which actively scans a port to check if it is open and Grab the service running on that port. About the script: Socket library in python is used to make connection [ TCP […]

Hacking with Python:The Head Start Part 1

Python is an easy scripting language. It runs on any platform, you name it! Python is interpreted since it reads the code line by line. It is plain and short. But the question is “Why use python in hacking?”. To answer this, I must tell you that there are other […]