The walkthrough for the last level is available on this link: http://www.anonhack.in/2018/09/overthewire-natas-series-15-16-level-walkthrough/ This level is little bit similar to the last level. Here we have to perform a command injection. Let’s have a look at the source code of this level: See the highlighted text in the code above. $key variable […]


If you want to see the level 14- 15, follow this link: http://www.anonhack.in/2018/09/overthewire-natas-series-14-15-levels/ Level 15-16 is also based on SQL injection but here we have to work on boolean based SQL injection technique. Let me how you how: This is what the screen looks like: I put “natas16” as the user […]


You can find the level before this on this http://www.anonhack.in/2018/09/overthewire-natas-series-level-12-14/ The 14th level of overthewire natas is a typical SQL injection based level. In this level, we have to use SQL injection tactics in order to get the password for the 15th level. Let’s dive in: This screen will appear:  2. […]


This write-up is the walkthrough for OVERTHEWIRE NATAS level 12 to level 14. Both these levels contain upload the image kind of challenges where we have to upload a shell bypassing the code. LEVEL 12 – 13: The above image is the screen for overthewore natas challenge 12, When you […]

GoldenEye 1 Walkthrough: Vulnhub vulnerable machine

This article is a walkthrough for GoldenEye vulnerable machine. In the description of this machine, it says that it is similar to OSCP machine. So, I have written a walkthrough on it. To download Goldeneye 1, follow the link: https://www.vulnhub.com/entry/goldeneye-1,240/ Requirements: Kali Linux or your favorite OS Virtualbox Goldeneye VM Patience […]

OVERTHEWIRE Natas: Walkthrough Series Level 11 – 12

LEVEL 11-12 is quite hard. It is about encryption, encoding, cookie and php code. Let’s dive in it: Login with the password we found in the last article, You will see the screen below. The hint points us to the cookie, So I checked cookie using Burpsuite and there is […]

OVERTHEWIRE Natas: Walkthrough series Level 9 – 11

This article is the continuation of OVERTHEWIRE Natas walkthrough Series. The links of the last article are here: Overthewire Natas: Walkthrough Series Levels 1 – 4 Overthewire Natas: Walkthrough Series Levels 4 -7 OVERTHEWIRE Natas: Walkthrough series Level 7 – 9   Level 9 – 10 Login from the password […]

Overthewire Natas: Walkthrough Series Levels 4 -7

This article is continuation of last article: Overthewire Natas walkthrough 1 – 4. This article contains walkthrough from level 5 -7. Let’s get on with it: Level 4 – 5 Login with natas4 password we obtained in the last article. The hint says that we are not allowed because we […]

Overthewire Natas: Walkthrough Series Levels 1 – 4

We have already completed overthewire bandit series. Now, we will be going forward and looking at Overthewire Natas walkthroughs, The Natas are based on the Web security. It starts from basic level. link: natas.labs.overthewire.org Start here: Username: natas0 Password: natas0 URL: http://natas0.natas.labs.overthewire.org Level 0 – 1 : Login to natas0 with […]

HTML Injection – Reflected (POST) Level Low – BWapp

This article is based on low level of Reflected (POST) HTML Injection. Bwapp is used here to demonstrate the HTML injection in POST parameters . Post parameters are different from GET Parameters. In GET parameters the information is sent via the URL but in POST, the information is sent with […]