GoldenEye 1 Walkthrough: Vulnhub vulnerable machine

This article is a walkthrough for GoldenEye vulnerable machine. In the description of this machine, it says that it is similar to OSCP machine. So, I have written a walkthrough on it. To download Goldeneye 1, follow the link:,240/ Requirements: Kali Linux or your favorite OS Virtualbox Goldeneye VM Patience […]

BOB Walkthrough: Vulnhub CTF Challenge

This article is a walkthrough on how I solved Bob CTF challenge. You can download Bob CTF via this link:,226/. It is a Beginner to intermediate challenge and at the end we have to gain the root access and get the flag. So let’s do this: To find the vulnerable […]

JIS-CTF- Jordan Infosec Capture The Flag Challenge – Walkthrough

This article is a walk through on Jorder InfoSec CTF challenge:,228/ This is a basic web challenge consisting of 5 flags. I ran it on Virtualbox with bridged mode. This app doesn’t require kali os. You can do it on windows as well. To find the vulnerable machines through your […]