C Program to Compare two Strings

This C program compares two string and tell if they are equal or not. We are taking two strings here str and str1. It is an array with 30 indexes. There are two int variables i and j which will be used to evaluate the strings. The while loops runs […]

Program to convert a Character into ASCII value using C Language

In C language, The integer value for a character is always it’s ASCII value. So If you want to print an ASCII value of a character in C then simply use %d to get the character’s ASCII integer value. Code: #include<stdio.h> void main(){ int c; char d; printf(“\n\n*****************Program to output […]

Patterns Program Using C Language

The below article consists of different patterns that can be generated using C programs. Code-1: #include<stdio.h> void main(){ int i,j,k; int c=1,v=0; for(i=1;i<=9;i++){ if(i%2!=0){ for(j=i;j<=9;j++) { printf(” “); } for(k=1;k<=i;k++){ c++; if(c%2!=0){printf(“1 “); } else if(v==0) { printf(“1 “); v++;} else{ printf(“0 “);      } }    printf(“\n”);c=0;} } […]

Program to Read an Input Keystroke using C Language

**Note: To perform this I have used Dev c++ tool. It is checked and compiled. We can simple use getchar() to read the input character in C language Code: #include<stdio.h> void main(){ char c; printf(“\n\n*****************Program to Read an Input Keystroke******************\n\n”); printf(“Enter a Character: \n”); c=getchar(); printf(“Your Input Is: %c “,c); […]