C program

Program to reverse a string in C Language

The program below shows how you can reverse a string in c program. In this program I have used two arrays,one array is for the actual string to reverse and another array will keep the reversed string. The while function […]

Program to find GCD of two numbers in C language

The following program is to find the GCD or HCF of a number using C Language. GCD is the Greatest Common Divisor that divides a particular number. #include<stdio.h> void main(){ int a,b,i,j; printf(“\n****************************\nprogram to find GCD of 2 Numbers\n*****************************\n\n”); printf(“Enter […]

Program to convert a Character into ASCII value using C Language

In C language, The integer value for a character is always it’s ASCII value. So If you want to print an ASCII value of a character in C then simply use %d to get the character’s ASCII integer value. Code: […]

Patterns Program Using C Language

The below article consists of different patterns that can be generated using C programs. Code-1: #include<stdio.h> void main(){ int i,j,k; int c=1,v=0; for(i=1;i<=9;i++){ if(i%2!=0){ for(j=i;j<=9;j++) { printf(” “); } for(k=1;k<=i;k++){ c++; if(c%2!=0){printf(“1 “); } else if(v==0) { printf(“1 “); v++;} […]

Program to Read an Input Keystroke using C Language

**Note: To perform this I have used Dev c++ tool. It is checked and compiled. We can simple use getchar() to read the input character in C language Code: #include<stdio.h> void main(){ char c; printf(“\n\n*****************Program to Read an Input Keystroke******************\n\n”); […]

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