LupinOne empire

Empire: LupinOne Walkthrough – Privilege escalation through Python Libs

This article is a walkthrough for Empire LupinOne vulnerable machine. You can download this from vulnhub. The vulnerable machine is full of fuzzing and escalation of privileges by exploiting Python libraries with SUID being setup. Let’s look into exploiting this: Requirements: 1. Vmware/Virtual Box < This is to run the vulnerable machine. 2. Download LupinOne



This article is continuation of the over the wire bandit series. In case you haven’t read that here it is OVERTHEWIRE:BANDIT WALKTHROUGH SERIES 1-5 LEVELS. So let’s start with the level 6. I logged in level 6 with the credentials I gained in level 5. > level 5-6 ssh -p 2220 password: Level 4-5 password


Kioptrix Level 2 Challenge Solution

Kioptrix Level 2 challenge was quite hard compared to the Kioptrix Level 1. we have to have the understanding the web application and should try different ways to finding vulnerability. Requirements: Vmware Kioptrix level 2 challenge Kali [strictly depends on your choice] So lets dive in: -> Nmap So my Kioptrix machine has the

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