Recovery guide for windows Laptop for Blue Screen of Death

This article is a recovering guide for when you can’t start windows and can’t recover the important files.
I have this problem for a while now. My laptop had windows 8 installed in it.
I did not upgrade it to windows 10 and stayed with windows 8.1 up-gradation. After sometime, I have been seeing blue screens.

The windows blue screens are errors that are generated because of memory corruptions or running out of clock [watch dog error]. Just not that but there can be more than one reasons of seeing a blue screen and there can be more than one ways to solve this problem. You have to keep an eye on the Events that occurs right before you see the blue screen. You can do this with Event Management or Event viewer. There might be a program that have been running which might be causing this or there can be new updation which can be causing this problem. Sometimes system restore works. But most of the time you are likely to see this error again.

In my case, my system just stops itself anytime. So any important work is lost. My laptop heats up and shuts itself. Mine is most likely the watch dog error, but I can’t recover my laptop because of that.

So this is a recovering guide, You should have all your important files stored to someplace else if your system is doing so. I removed Windows after that and installed Kali OS on my laptop.

How to Recover:

  1. Create a LIVE USB Flash Drive to run some other operating system. You can run any light weight operating system to access the file system on your laptop.

  2. Once the LIVE USB is created. Change the BIOS settings. Here is an article to do the same. 

  3.  Once all done. Reboot your system with the USB connected and you will see something like this:REcovery in windowsSelect the very first option which says Live(amd64). This will boot your system to kali.

  4. This screen will appear once the Kali boots up.REcovery in windows

  5. Click on the Files from the Dashboard menu.
    REcovery in windows

  6. Select the Other Locations options like in the screenshot below.
    REcovery in windows

  7. This window will come up. Here you will see all the local disks that has been there in your PC including the Windows volume, Recovery volumes and other partitioned volumes.REcovery in windows
    Click on these drives to access them and once you click on them they will be mounted in kali. You can copy and paste the files that you want in other external drives. The process will be slow but eventually it will get things done for you.

Once done, you can shut it down like normal OS and eject the USB.

Like I said above, there are many light weight OS that can be used instead of Kali. This is just a quick tutorial. There are many Free OS that are made just for recovery, they are faster and provide more features.


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