Finding Area and Circumference of Circle in C Language

C program for calculating Area and Circumference of the Circle in C language. In this program, we are taking the input for the Radius.

The value for pi, area and ci [circumference] is float. So I have defined it with Float datatype.

Area of the Circle :  Pie * (r)^2

Circumference : 2 * Pie * r

The following program is written and compiled in DEV C++ and it will work with Turbo C also. If you want to run it in ubuntu, remove header #include<conio.h> and getch() function because conio is not defined under gcc.


void main(){
int r;
float pi=3.14,area,ci;
printf("Enter Radius of circle: ");
printf("Area of Circle= %f\n",area);
printf("Circumference = %f",ci);



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