Creating Bootable LIVE USB using win32DiskImager

Win32DiskImager can be downloaded from

Win32DiskImager is a wonderful tool to create a LIVE bootable USB Flashdrive. It is freely available for download. Win32DiskImager is similar to unetbootin but it is more reliable. It works great with any Operating system. In case you haven’t checked my last post for unetbootin you can visit here.

Creating bootable USB flash drive using win32DiskImager:

Once installed, open Win32DiskImager.

  1. Click on the folder icon on the right and select the ISO file.



2. In the image below select (*.*), So that we can select the ISO file of kali.



3. Select the Device and click on WRITE like below.win32diskimager


**NOTE: After using Win32diskimager, your pendrive might be shrinked to smaller size. To solve this all you have do is to reallocate the USB storage. You can do this using Disk part in windows graphically or using CMD as stated in this link


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