Python is an easy scripting language. It runs on any platform, you name it! Python is interpreted since it reads the code line by line. It is plain and short. But the question is “Why use python in hacking?”. To answer this, I must tell you that there are other languages too such as Ruby, Perl, C, bash etc. which are also used in hacking because they provide you with different functionalities, but Python is an exception because the functionalities are vast.

Hackers use python because it is easier and at the same time, dangerous. There are many third party modules available in Python which certainly gives power over a system.

Why create your own Script when powerful scripts are freely available?

The answer to this is, the scripts are detectable too. New defenses are made every day to make the system hard to probe. Your own code will be new to the system sitting on the other side. The more manual you go on a system, the more harder it is for anybody to stop you. While going manual on a system, you are just touching the part on a system that you want to. The scripts which are available online are powerful and also you don’t know what other parts on a system they touch.

Now, Let’s come back to the topic of “Hacking with python”. In this article, I will not teach you about the variables or the functions or the loops. The basic part of python is available on Google, More than I could teach in a single article. In this guide, I will give you some books that I’ve read in order to understand and learn the Python. I would like to share them with you. Starting from the beginning, I will be giving some code snippets and some E-books that are written by best people, which taught me about python.

Below is a link of E-book by Steve Tale. It is a beginner’s guide towards this topic.

Hacking with python, part 1

There are different stages in hacking where you can use Python Scripts. In this guide we will go from information Gathering to Maintaining Access of the system. In this link you can find what is Information Gathering:



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