Darkness of the Dark Net and Deep Web is a vast topic. This topic is one of the huge topics, yet people know not a lot about it. Deep web is not a movie or a series or something. This shit is for real and it is deeper than you can ever think of anything. According to Google Search Deep web is referred to as :

“The part of the World Wide Web that is not discover-able by means of standard search engines, including password-protected or dynamic pages and encrypted networks.”the biggest weakness of the Deep Web is also its greatest strength: it’s really hard to find anything.”

It’s a part of internet which is undiscovered. Now the question that might have raised in your minds is “Why these websites are not discovered even we have millions of search engines all over the internet?” The answer to this question is because of their content! Content making of these kinds of websites are as that they cannot be discovered. They don’t use any links to other discovered website. They are like freelancer website. These websites are not legal for visit also. So Your identity matters.Big Search Engines always know who is accessing their search engine. Big Search engines like Google,Yahoo, Exalead etc. work on a statistical and logical algorithm which help these search engines to index the website. Some websites are not crawled at all!

There is a huge Difference between Deep Web and Dark Web. Deep Web is a part of internet which is not indexed by the any search engine due to its content and if it is indexed it is buried so deep inside web which makes it hard to find Whereas when we talk about Dark web, they are the sites which never want to be indexed. Yes! These are the sites which are made with the intention of hacktivism, criminal methodology etc. which certainly make them called as Dark net and only the user who knows their location can get it and they are never indexed with Search Engines like Google,Yahoo etc. They are only available at Tor Servers  and only accessed by it.

The Software which is required to open such websites are tor! Tor(The Onion Router) is a free software which is made to secure our privacy. Now The Question that might raised in your mind is “What is Onion Router? Why it is called so?” The Answer to this is because of several layers of network it have. Onion have layers, the same way deep web have layers and to enter each layer we make proxy connections to different location which changes our ip address and hence keeps our privacy safe. But are we really safe? The answer to this is Don’t Rely On That Much On Tor, The Mastermind behind breaking privacy is NSA! You can get all the articles on internet related to that! Some of those I got here are :




Xkeyscore is a surveillance tool for NSA which ruins any users privacy on internet. It was Google for NSA as it provide nearly every information about anyone on internet. Read More Here:



Accessing Deep Web or Dark net!

Deep web refers to the websites which are undiscovered as mentioned above. Darknet are the part of deep web where all the illegal activities are held such as drugs, child porn etc.

Access these website via Tor and see it for yourself! You also need to go through the entire website https://www.torproject.org, which will help you guide through many phases on the use of Tor Network. The top domain for Deepweb is .onion. These are accessed by Tor because they are not normal domains. These domains are provided and created especially for onion websites and DNS servers around the world don’t have any clue about these domains. These domains are the collection of random domains for example, “pwoah7oh4jlgdwri.onion“. Even You can’t remember such a domain!

Onion directories link: http://am4wuhz3zifexz5u.onion/.(You can Only Open This Link Using TOR!) (why?)(Because Normal browser’s DNS server can’t resolve .onion and you would get an error. Dah!)

Here’s DuckDuckGo Search engine http://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion in Tor Version.

The hidden wikipedia will provide you through several onion links. www.hiddenwiki.org.

Don’t Download Anything from Tor Or don’t use torrent as it may reveal your identity. Don’t Play video or download force download flash player because it can reveal your identity too. By default Tor comes with flash disabled.

Tor browsers are used by criminals, Government, Journalists etc. to share private files without getting caught in wrong or right hands. These are private and encrypted network. But You Should Use it WISELY.


Stay Anonymous! 🙂


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