BIOS settings to run Bootable LIVE USB

This is a guide to change the BIOS settings to boot your live USB. The BIOS stands for Basic Input output system, which defines the basic settings for hardware that is used for initial boot up settings of the device. It defines from where the OS will boot first, also […]

Shell Scripting for Hackers

Shell scripting is one of the very powerful language. There are many different kinds of shell scripting environment providing different features like Ksh, bash etc. In this article, we will be learning how to create scripts as a pen-tester / hacker/security researcher view. How scripting a little script can save […]

Quaoar CTF : WalkThrough

Quaoar is a CTF challenge for 2016. It is an easy challenge. You can download it in here:¬†,180/ The Following article will show the walkthrough for Quaoar virtual machine challenge. Let’s start: I turned on the VMware and started Quaoar: The IP address for my Quaoar VM is To […]