Program to find factorial of a number using recursive function in C language

This article is a program to find factorial in C language using recursive function. Before going straight to the code, let’s talk about Recursive functions and what are they? Recursive function is a tricky topic in C. They are the functions which calls themselves. So whenever you see a function […]

C Program to Compare two Strings

This C program compares two string and tell if they are equal or not. We are taking two strings here str and str1. It is an array with 30 indexes. There are two int variables i and j which will be used to evaluate the strings. The while loops runs […]

C Program to Swap two numbers with and without third variable

There are two ways to swap numbers using C language, one is with the help of temporary third variable and other is without the third variable. In this article, we will be looking at both of those approaches. Program to swap two number in C using Third/Temporary variable: #include<stdio.h> void […]