hide a folder in windows

How To Hide Your Folder !

I have seen people having a hard time securing the stuff they own and to keep it private. But we all have siblings or friends or somebody that use our system and make us feel paranoid about our private stuff. So I thought I should tell you somethings you might do to hide a folder

Wireless Hacking (WPA/WPA2)

Wireless Hacking is a wide topic. It is a never ending topic and the more you will talk about it the more things you will know so wrapping up this vast topic in just one article wouldn’t be fair, So first we will be talking about WPA/WPA2 encrypted wireless hacking. Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity.

Attacking DNS

DNS stands for Domain Name System. I have already wrote an article on how to extract information from DNS in this article (DNS Reconnaisance).Now I’m going to tell you about DNS attacks. There are many types of attacks you can actually perform on DNS servers in order to break them,but before that you need to

Website Reconnaissance

A website reconnaissance is actually knowing the particular website before attacking it.Reconnaissance is gathering as much as information about the anything before attacking it.It would actually make attacking way more easy when you have a lot of information about the particular website or system.A website reconnaissance is a information gathering about the website that you want

Sniffing And Spoofing

In this article I want to give you a sneak peak about what actually sniffing and spoofing means and then we will move on to how to do it in order to gain access to a remote computer. So here the first term which is sniffing. Sniffing: Sniffing as a hacking terminology is the way

DNS Reconnaissance

DNS Reconnaissance is one of the basic steps and most important part of hacking. DNS stands for Domain Name Server, it keeps tracks of the record of IP addresses, services and resources connected to the Internet. Now as we know that computer works on binary numbers…So they would not actually understand the meaning of “www.google.com”,


Keep Yourself Anonymous

The First time I entered the world of hacking, My very first question to myself was how can I stay anonymous. Anonymous is a big word, It describes your limitations.But why a Hacker needs to stay anonymous?Well, the answer lies on the boundaries that we cross out of curiosity, revenge or emotions. Keeping yourself Anonymous

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