Metasploit: The Basics

Metasploit was made by H.D Moore back in 2003. It is a framework which was made to bring all the features together so as to make it easier for a professional to access everything with a single command. It contains all the tools from information gathering to maintaining access on a system. Not only tools but it also provide different interfaces with different functionalities:

  1. Msfconsole – Handy interface which is the most popular one.
  2. Msfcli– provide scripting and interpretable environment with other console tools. Runs directly from the command line.
  3. Armitage– A total Graphical interface framework.
  1. Msfpayload – Used to generate shellcodes

  2. MSfencode- used to encode the payload to pass through IDS/ Antiviruses.

Combining both of these tools later in 2015, A new utility came called msfvenom, which provides generation of payload and also encode it with different schemes.

  1. Nasm Shell – Used for identifying assembly instruction opcodes.

What it allows you to do:

  1. Create a work-space of your own to store all your target information
  2. Gather information about a target
  3. Scanning for vulnerable services of the target
  4. creation of your own code
  5. Exploitation of the target
  6. Maintaining access with the target – Meterpreter – A post exploitation tool, which injects a DLL so as to create a process to control the system remotely.
  7. Handling the target

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