How To Hide Your Folder !

I have seen people having a hard time securing the stuff they own and to keep it private. But we all have siblings or friends or somebody that use our system and make us feel paranoid about our private stuff. So I thought I should tell you somethings you might do to hide a folder and make it look like a system program so nobody even look at it. It’s no hard folks, It doesn’t have to do with the coding and stuff or put a password on it. Mostly the things we put passwords on are the only once that makes people a little curious about it. So I am not saying don’t keep the password on your private stuff but what if you can make it something so people don’t even bother to look at it!!

Here’s one of the ways through which you can hide your folder and make it something boring so nobody would give a shit about that folder.

  1. Select The Folder That You Wanna Hide! Untitled

  2. So “My Secret Folder ” here would be the one that I wanna hide. Right Click On the folder And Select “Properties”. Untitled

  3. Now In the Properties You have many options, first of all name the folder something official that nobody cares about it with an extension like (.doc,.rar) could be anything like “computer.log” or “locale-en.dat” whatever you feel like just choose something that you know your people don’t have any interest in looking. If you program something like java put the folder name as “Javaproject.class” . Nobody gives a shit about that!Untitled2-300x252

  4. Now naming convention would’t be enough because its still got a folder sign and people are not that dumb, folks! So Now we are gonna customize the Folder Icon! On the same Properties windows the last tab says “Customize” click on that!Untitled

  5. When You click on Customize after that click on “Change Icon” and the above dialogue box will pop up. Now Choose the icon type that people are afraid to click on(by afraid I meant that people don’t feel like clicking on some icons because they are not familiar with that icon).Untitled

  6. There You go and I don’t think anybody’s gonna click on that. You can now hide it so even if they un-hide it they might think its not a folder and a (.dat) file. So there You go.


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