Creating Your Own hacking Lab: The Beginner’s guide

This article is a beginner’s level guide to create your own hacking lab so you can practice in a safe environment. With your own hacking lab set up, you can work without boundaries and explore more. I will be telling you about the software tools and their configuration and how you can configure network as per your requirement.

So let’s get on with it:

Tools Required:

  1. Vmware / VirtualBox
  2. Kali ISO 
    I am using Kali OS as my attacking machine, I find it easier but you can download any machine that you are familiar with.

Once you got the above two, your job is almost done!

You have to install Kali in your Virtualbox or Vmware, there are many features that you will unlock after installing them in your virtualbox or vmware. You will able to install virtualbox/vmware tools, those tools give you capabilities to act like a host rather than a guest OS. There are many videos that are already available that will guide you on installing guest OS on both Virtualbox and VMware.

Here is a video I have found which is step by step guide, I think it’s going to help you guys:

VirtualBox Guide:

Vmware Guide:

creating your own hacking lab


Now, part comes where you have to download vulnerable machine to practice in your hacking lab. There are a lot of websites available that will provide you with different vulnerable machine. All you have to do is to download them and run it in your Virtualbox/ Vmware. You don’t need to install these machine in your Virtualbox/Vmware.

Some useful links to download Vulnerable OS are:


There are many CTF’s walkthrough on my own blog, you can visit it using this link:


***NOTE: One of the most important thing while creating your own hacking lab is that your network configuration must be similar to your kali OS, to elaborate this, Both of your machines must be in the same network no matter it’s bridged/NAT/Internal-Only/Host-Only. Many people have hard time getting around with it. I have written an article about how you can change that setting for both the softwares, links are below:

Network Configuration for VirtualBox

Network Configuration for VMware

You are all set to sail now! Happy practicing pentesting in your own lab!



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