What is HSRP By Cisco?

HSRP stands for Hot standby Router Protocol. HSRP is a First Hop Redundancy protocol which provides network availability even if the default gateway goes down( The first hop). In HSRP, the routers are grouped logically with a Virtual MAC and a Virtual IP Address. Require two or more routers to […]

SQL Injection on Base64 Encoded String Parameters

This article is a guide to perform SQL Injection on the Base64 encoded Url parameters. These parameters are encoded so as to make the site injection proof but that is a big myth. Recently I came across “www.somesite.com/index.php?pid=VkRGRk9WQlJQVDA9″ this kind of URLs. The pid here, “VkRGRk9WQlJQVDA9“. It is nothing but […]

Recovery guide for windows Laptop for Blue Screen of Death

This article is a recovering guide for when you can’t start windows and can’t recover the important files. I have this problem for a while now. My laptop had windows 8 installed in it. I did not upgrade it to windows 10 and stayed with windows 8.1 up-gradation. After sometime, […]

BIOS settings to run Bootable LIVE USB

This is a guide to change the BIOS settings to boot your live USB. The BIOS stands for Basic Input output system, which defines the basic settings for hardware that is used for initial boot up settings of the device. It defines from where the OS will boot first, also […]


This is overthewire series with bandit walkthrough from level 23 – 26. If you haven’t gone through the previous articles on OVERTHEWIRE Bandit then follow the links below! Overthewire:Bandit walkthrough Series 1-5 Levels OVERTHEWIRE:BANDIT WALKTHROUGH SERIES 5-12 LEVELS OVERTHEWIRE:BANDIT WALKTHROUGH SERIES 12-15 LEVELS OVERTHEWIRE:BANDIT WALKTHROUGH SERIES 16-18 LEVELS Level 22 […]

Program to Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit in C Language

This article will show you the C program to convert temperature in Celsius to Fahrenheit. The Formula for conversion is: 1.8 * C + 32 Code: #include<stdio.h> void main(){ int a; float i=1; printf(“\n********************************\nprogram to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit\n***********************************\n\n”); printf(“Enter Temperature in Celsius: “); scanf(“%d”,&a); i=(1.8 * a) +32; printf(“Fahrenheit […]

Using Netcat: The Covert Way

Netcat is a really useful tool. It is also featured with network debugging conventions and also used to conduct investigation on network. We can open connection on any port and we can start listening and writing data from one computer to another. When It was first taught to me, I […]

Attacking DNS

DNS stands for Domain Name System. I have already wrote an article on how to extract information from DNS in this article (DNS Reconnaisance).Now I’m going to tell you about DNS attacks. There are many types of attacks you can actually perform on DNS servers in order to break them,but […]

Website Reconnaissance

A website reconnaissance is actually¬†knowing the particular website before attacking it.Reconnaissance is gathering as much as information about the anything before attacking it.It would actually make attacking way more easy when you have a lot of information about the particular website or system.A website reconnaissance is a information gathering about […]