Log4Shell Quick Lab Setup for Testing

Last month, On December 09 2021, The release of a Remote Code Execution POC over twitter involving exploitation of Apache’s log4j2 logging class took everyone’s peace away. The attack was pretty simple and the fact that it can be easily exploited by anyone is what made this more terrifying. The first edition of this attack

vmware fit-guest-now

Fixing VMware “Fit Guest Now” Feature in Kali-linux: Solved

Recently, while upgrading my virtual machine, I was stumbled upon Greyed-out Fit Guest Now option. This is pretty exhausting as it only shows the console window but not the full Guest view. I took the following steps to make vmtools work again so I can get Fit Guest Now again: I uninstalled my VMware tools

null sessions

Null Sessions

You people might be thinking why I am writing about old and uninterested topic like Null Sessions, but believe me or not, this old topic is still used in most of the companies or¬†business and there’s nothing wrong with knowing something which might e useful to you. Null Sessions are anonymous sessions ¬†in windows platform.

hide a folder in windows

How To Hide Your Folder !

I have seen people having a hard time securing the stuff they own and to keep it private. But we all have siblings or friends or somebody that use our system and make us feel paranoid about our private stuff. So I thought I should tell you somethings you might do to hide a folder

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