Quaoar CTF : WalkThrough

Quaoar is a CTF challenge for 2016. It is an easy challenge. You can download it in here:¬†https://www.vulnhub.com/entry/hackfest2016-quaoar,180/ The Following article will show the walkthrough for Quaoar virtual machine challenge. Let’s start: I turned on the VMware and started Quaoar: The IP address for my Quaoar VM is To […]

Using Netcat: The Covert Way

Netcat is a really useful tool. It is also featured with network debugging conventions and also used to conduct investigation on network. We can open connection on any port and we can start listening and writing data from one computer to another. When It was first taught to me, I […]

Hacking Into Ubuntu

Ubuntu is closely related to Debian. Though It Have its own features,releasing procedures and user interface its build on the Debian concept. Ubuntu is an open source operating system. Now lets dive into hacking it. For more information visit,¬†http://www.ubuntu.com/about/about-ubuntu This tutorial which I’m gonna show you here requires physical presence […]