Internet Surfing: How much you expose yourself?

We all surf internet without caring about our privacy. Why do you think the cyber crime exists? Why do you think hacktivists turn against the government? The answer to this is PRIVACY. Most of the people today who are not technology oriented doesn’t care about what information they share on […]

How to become a Hacker?

Hacker is a person who can gain unauthorized access to¬† a device. Many people have this question in their mind, “How to become one?”. Before I give answer to this question, I would like to explain the concept of everything related to hacking. Hacking is a vast field, it consist […]

Darkness Of Dark Net and Deep Web

Darkness of the Dark Net and Deep Web is a vast topic. This topic is one of the huge topics, yet people know not a lot about it. Deep web is not a movie or a series or something. This shit is for real and it is deeper than you […]

Keep Yourself Anonymous

The First time I entered the world of hacking, My very first question to myself was how can I stay anonymous. Anonymous is a big word, It describes your limitations.But why a Hacker needs to stay anonymous?Well, the answer lies on the boundaries that we cross out of curiosity, revenge […]