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Quaoar:WalkThrough CTF!

Quaoar is a CTF challenge for 2016. It is an easy challenge. You can download it in here:¬†,180/ The Following article will show the walkthrough for Quaoar virtual machine challenge. Let’s start I turned on the VMware and started Quaoar: The IP address for my […]

Kioptrix Level 2 Challenge

Kioptrix Level 2 challenge was quite hard compared to the Kioptrix Level 1. we have to have the understanding the web application and should try different ways to finding vulnerability. Requirements: Vmware Kioptrix level 2 challenge Kali [strictly depends on your choice] So lets dive […]

Kioptrix Level 1 Challenge Solution

Kioptrix Level 1 is a hacking challenge. We have to get the root access and find a flag for the next level.There are many ways to solve kioptrix level 1 challenge, I am writing here my way but you can get a lot of other […]