Geeks for Geeks Sudo placement: Immediate Smaller Element in array in C language

The code below is Geeks for Geeks Sudo placement challenge for checking immediate smaller Element in an array and printing the desired output. Geeks for Geeks challenge(Sudo Placement): Given an integer array, for each element in the array check whether there exists a smaller element on the next immediate position of the array. […]

A program using single subscribed variable to evaluate the expression in C language

The following C program is used to evaluate the following expression: Total = Σ i=110  Xi2 where  X1, X2 … X10 they are user inputs. The code has been tested in Dev c++. CODE: #include<stdio.h> void main(){ int i; float x[10],value,total; printf(“Enter 10 REAL Numbers”); for(i=0;i<10;i++){ scanf(“%f”,&value); x[i]=value; } total=0.0; for(i=0;i<10;i++){ […]

Program to sort the elements of an array in descending order in C language

The program below sort the elements of an array in descending order. It uses malloc function to allocate the space for number of elements that user enters. The code is pretty forward. With sizeof(), the program is taking the size of the n variable that’s taking the value from the user […]

Program to evaluate Graph equation y=x^n using C Language

This is the program to evaluate graph equation y=xn. This code works with non negative integers. The following code has been written and compiled in Dev c++. Code: #include<stdio.h> void main(){ int count,n; float x,y; printf(“enter the value of X and N \n”); scanf(“%f%d”,&x,&n); y=1.0; count=1; while(count<=n){ y=y*x; count++; } […]

Program to find number of words,vowels,spaces,special chars and consonants in sentence using C

C language provides many libraries to handle strings. The libraries that we are going to be using are ctype and string. If you are working in C and you require to manipulate a string, ctype and string header files are your friends! Make use of them. Explanation The functions of […]

Program to find factorial of a number using recursive function in C language

This article is a program to find factorial in C language using recursive function. Before going straight to the code, let’s talk about Recursive functions and what are they? Recursive function is a tricky topic in C. They are the functions which calls themselves. So whenever you see a function […]

Program to find factorial of a number using function in C language

Below is the program to find factorial of a number using function in C language. The program has been compiled and executed in Dev C++. The function is a block of code that is specifically designed to do a certain task. Here, the function is taking an argument and calculating […]

Program to display series and find sum of 1+3+5+…+n in C language

The series 1+3+5+..+n, is a series of odd number. We need to write a program to display this series as well as find the sum upto nth number. The n will be inserted by the user. The program has been compiled and executed under DEV c++. CODE: #include void main() […]

Program to show Call by Value and Call by Reference in C Language

This article will illustrate the use of Call by Value and Call by Reference in C Programming language. C Language provide several features. Before, we talk about call by reference and call by value, let’s have a little talk about functions in C because both of them are used within […]

Program to find Sum of two matrix in C Language

Below is the program to find the sum of two matrics in C language. You can edit it to your needs if you want to. I have taken two matrix with 3 X 2. You can change it. The following code has been executed in Dev C++ and will also […]