Bootable LIVE USB stick will help you run any Operating System on your PC. The Privileges will not be much but it will still give help you in a lot of ways. The Bootable USB drives is created with the help of normal USB drives. Depending on the operating system, you can use 4 GB or 8 GB pen drives. These Bootable USB drives can also help you in installing other operating system on top of the default operating system that comes with your laptop.

There are several software for creating a live bootable USB. I have used 2 of them.

  1. Unetbootin [quite buggy sometimes. It works well but I will not recommend it].
  2. Win32diskImager [Works well with Kali and Ubuntu]


  1. Download Unetbootin from
  2. Download the ISO of the operating system that you wanto boot in USB. It could be anything depending on the space in your USB. In my case I am taking Kali OS. I have choosen the 64bit as per my laptop’s requirement.

Bootable USB using Unetbootin

  1. Open Unetbootinbootable USB unetbootin
  2. Select the Disk Image option and select the ISO image bootable USB unetbootin bootable USB unetbootin
  3. Select the USB drive from the type and give the drive symbol. Click OK.bootable USB unetbootin

The bootable USB is created now and you can run it on any system.

The next guide is to create a Bootable USB using win32diskimager is here.

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