What is DDos Attack?

This topic is little scary! This is the nightmare for Big companies across the World. DDos Attack is an abbreviation for Distributed Denial Of Service Attack, which means it works as DOS attack but in a vast manner. DOS attack which stands for Denial of service is an attack in which a user is unable to utilize a particular resource because the attacker had made it unavailable by means of certain attack types. This can cause the server to shut down as well.

So, you might be thinking that if both the terms means the same, how they are still different?

The answer to this very question is the wideness of the attack! In DOS attack , attacker might be a single user who wants to flood a single targeted machine or software with packets to cause interruption in the resource availability. But In DDOS attack, we are looking at the vast side in which multiple attacker probe at a big network so as to consume large bandwidth, speed and CPU processing causing shutting down of the network.Seems scary,isn’t it?DDos-attacks

Social websites are pretty big, So there’s a saying “If you can’t hack into something or it’s kinda problematic then just shut it down!”. Many DDOS attacks had been launched on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LiveJournal, Google’s Blogger etc. But why would anyone do that? There can be many reasons behind that but one reason is to shut down the mouths of the people or researchers who had been the part of wars and politics. Social Network is a huge source of information. Twitter had always been under such an attack because a vast majority of activist can be found on twitter. There can be many other reasons but this one is always highlighted!

DDos attacks are easy to do and harder to determine where is it actually coming from, but why? Because Attacker have control over multiple machines with which he/she can perform such an attack. The machines working this way are called as Botnets!