It’s intriguing isn’t it? You can get any resource over the internet! I am writing this article because there is this thing I want to share with you people, i.e., You can get anything over the web and with anything I meant EVERYTHING. Now you might be saying is that some kind of joke isn’t it? Well NO!

The Tactics Johnny Long Shown us through his Google Hacking Book is one of the most precious and amazing treasure,you can ever get on internet. But it’s not just about one search engine.It’s about treasure you can find on entire web including Google, Exalead, Almanac, Yahoo etc.,there are a lot up to Torch!I can’t give you everything I know About this very topic but I can provide you little things and then you can let your mind fly!haha

You don’t have to buy every other stuff,this is not for those script kiddies looking for every other tool to mess around, No guys you need to learn a little more about these tools.So lets get our hands dirty.

We all know search engines work on statistical and logical mathematics…and it scares the shit out of me!

I’m going to tell you a little about Google operators here!

intitle – Searches all titles   Allintitles: Searches only in all titles

inurl – Searches all URLs   Allinurl: Searches only in URLS

intext – Searches all texts   Allintext: searches only in texts

filetype: – searches a particular format or extension.

site – Searches a particular site

then there are

info: , related, phonebook etc.

you can go through the book yourself its in the resource page!

So I am gonna show you a little bit of things here you can do with Google!

  1. intitle:”index of” to search every directory on any server.
    1. Example: Untitled

    2. Now Let’s be more specific using  intitle:”index of ” pdf Google Hacking johnny long
      1. google

These searches would sound so Intriguing! Lets dive deeper

(Educational purpose!)

intitle:”index of” NSA top secret



intitle:”index of” hacking



You can find music,movies any king of files using this.



Pretty Amazing huh!The same way you can use filetype:,inurl:,intitle:, you can just search it on google…It’s all there …What’s not out there is in this article…So use it wisely!

You can find any Resource such as Books and Tools,Songs and Videos .. Anything!

Let your curiosity define your limit. But Always Stay Anonymous.



Stay Anonymous! 🙂



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